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PunchBets review
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95.86 %

Win Rate

6 Days

Payout Time

Intertops Casino review
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96.34 %

Win Rate

15 Days

Payout Time

MyBet Casino review
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95.23 %

Win Rate

4 Days

Payout Time

Tipbet review
0 Opinion

96 %

Win Rate

4 Days

Payout Time

Casino Ruby Fortune review
0 Opinion

96.67 %

Win Rate

4 Days

Payout Time

Mr Green Casino review
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97.42 %

Win Rate

2 Days

Payout Time

Cherry Casino review
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95.43 %

Win Rate

3 Days

Payout Time



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Online Sportsbetting Site Reviews by Real Players

At Casinoo.com, we don’t just recommend some random sites. We bring together various critical elements, evaluate every sportsbook and use this information to compile a comprehensive list that reflects the best options in the market. We understand that things keep changing from time to time and that’s why we add information about latest arrivals, improved sportsbooks or any other information relating to sports betting sites.

In essence, when reviewing each sportsbook, we consider different factors. We study, test and evaluate the performance of each platform in all areas of interest and make recommendations. Of course, we know that not all factors are equally important and that is why we apply weightings to every aspect before we give a vivid description of the best sports betting sites. Since our team is made of experienced players with unparalleled betting experience, it is inevitable to leave our opinions out the reviews and ratings. However, we always ensure we remain objective.

Some of the most important factors we consider are discussed below.

Safety and Security

When reviewing sports betting sites, we give a lot of weight to security and safety. We seek to understand whether sportsbooks have been licensed by a reliable authority and offer full protection for their clients’ personal data and funds. We don’t recommend sites that we have doubts about. All the sports betting sites that make it to our top list are reliable and players can be entirely sure that security and safety of their data and transactions are guaranteed when using these platforms.

Reputation and History

It goes without saying that reputation is one vital aspect that should take center stage when looking for sports betting site. Each of the sportsbooks in our top list has been around for some time and has proven to be reputable through the provision of high-quality services. We make sure that the sports betting sites that are listed on our site are in good standing with affiliates, players and other sports betting stakeholders at large. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook new sites that have not yet gained popularity but you should understand it is risky to trust them. Our recommendations are the best place to start if you want a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook.

Bonuses and Rewards

The ferocity of competition for budding betting platforms has intensified in the online sphere leading to sportsbooks giving out generous bonuses and rewards. However, there are a lot of fine prints that come with these rewards and promotions. Therefore, before we declare sportsbooks fit to join our top list, we scrutinize their terms and conditions and assess their concessions to assert that the said bonuses are achievable and aren’t tied to any other hidden conditions that will make it hard to wager. Some bonuses are better than others, and CasinoLineup.com clearly displays them to the users for them to choose the best.

Cashier Options

Top rated sports betting sites provide users with a broad scope of banking options to deposit or withdraw money. We believe that the process of depositing and withdrawing money should be as fast as possible and our list of sports betting sites reflects the same. There is always a new payment method popping out every day. Since online sports betting sites are good at incorporating these new payment solutions to their websites, we take our time to look into the different types of options available on each platform, their maximum or minimum deposits and whether they charge a fee or not. A reliable site takes between 1 to 3 days to process transactions. Also, platforms that use methods that demand ridiculously elevated fees are not recommended.

Lines and Odds

Sports betting sites may offer a broad range of games to bet on or provide concessions, but this won’t matter if their betting lines and odds are contracted to meager percentages. Unless the odds and lines offered by a particular platform are consistently competitive, it won’t make it to our best sportsbooks list. However, since the gaming industry is experiencing fierce competition especially in the sport betting section, you can be assured of finding sites with very competitive lines and odds.

Customer Services

A lot of players forget to look at the sports betting customer service and support section. This is a pretty big mistake as you are bound to encounter hitches when using the site or feel the need to ask questions about your account. An excellent customer service should provide quick solutions and also offer a broad FAQ’s segment. When coming up with a conclusive list of sports betting platforms, we look at how full and accessible their customer service is. Can the sportsbook be accessed by e-mail, telephone and live chat? How many hours a day are the staffs available? Obviously, a support team that may be consulted via the three mentioned methods for 24 hours a day is desirable.

Legal Concerns

States around the globe have different laws regarding betting and gambling in general but in most countries it is totally legal. Regarding states where betting rules are tight, some sportsbooks choose to respect individual country’s laws while others leave it to the players to decide whether they want to go against their state’s legislations. However, there are variations regarding how governments take breaches of the law regarding betting. Some target individual players and punish them with fines while others go for sport betting sites operators.

Scams in Sports Betting Sites Review

Unfortunately, not all world sports betting sites have the players’ needs at heart. While a good number of sportsbooks have solid reputations, in the recent past, several firms have parted with players’ deposits or refused to pay after successful wins.

To protect yourself from getting caught up in a fraudulent sports betting firm, it is imperative that you look out for the following signs;

First, there is nothing as free money. As such, when you get an e-mail from a sportsbook you have never heard of offering you free money, you need to be very cautious especially considering you possibly haven’t even signed up with them yet they have your email. There is a high chance that once you sign up and deposit some cash, it could be the last time you will hear from them.

Secondly, a newly launched sport betting site that offers an unbelievably high sign up bonus and very lucrative odds may be a fraudulent platform that you should frown upon from the onset. And if the site is indeed genuine, then there possibly will come a time when it fails to keep up to its promises.
Lastly, a sportsbook that launches at the beginning of a particular sports season (such as soccer or NFL) may not last for long. They know that this is the time when many players will be looking to open accounts. As such, they could only be after your money and will possibly run away with it or make it nearly impossible for you to wager.

Are you looking for a credible sportsbook where you can play your favorite games? Please remember to check our comprehensive list of reviewed platforms that have been proven for fairness, honesty, and reliability.

Top Rated Online Casinos by Countries


Best Online Casinos in the UK

Are you looking for the best UK online casinos? Count yourself lucky as we’ve done the groundwork for you. As such, we’ve identified numerous trusted gambling websites that allow Brits and several also accept the British Pound as a currency option. Besides, all casinos listed here are regulated by respected bodies including the UK Gambling Commission.


Best Online Casinos in the USA

Gambling in the United States is beginning to take shape thanks to adjustments in legislations. However, only a few sites accept gamblers from the US, but the number of casinos is rapidly growing giving you various options where to play. We have reviewed the best casinos that accept American players to help you choose only the reputable and best US online casinos.


Best Online Casinos in Canada

We’ve listed reputable online casinos that accept Canadian players while many times also allowing them to play with Canadian dollars. Besides, you also get an opportunity to play different types of games including poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack among others. So, if you’re looking for top Canadian online casinos, be sure to check out this section.


Best Online Casinos in Australia

We have compiled a list of reputable casinos that accept players from Australia. All the casinos reviewed in this section offer a wide variety of online games including video slots, slots games, and pokies among others. When choosing the best casinos serving Australian gamblers, we also consider other factors such as rewards, bonuses, variety of games offered among many others.


Best Online Casinos in Ireland

Like anything else, it’s always crucial to get more information on the best online casino to play your favorite games before you can enroll for any of them. For this reason, we have compiled the top Ireland online casinos which you can find here. Our expert reviews will have you covered as we have exhaustively reviewed the best online casinos in Ireland. Here, you will only find the most reputable online casinos with impressive bonus offers and promotions.


Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

Find the best online casinos in New Zealand which we have compiled for you. We have reviewed the best casinos allowing players from New Zealand. Our reviews take into consideration casinos with best bonuses, rewards, and those offering a wide selection of games. You can rest assured that all the online casinos featured on our site will give you an amazing gaming experience.


Best Online Casinos in South Africa

Looking for the best online casinos in South Africa? Due to the rapid growth in the number of South Africa online casinos, we know it can be overwhelming to choose the most trusted among them. This is the reason we have done the groundwork to bring you the top online casinos available for South African gamblers. As such, you will find only the best casinos in South Africa offering a wide variety of games and great rewards and bonuses.

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