Information about Land-Based Casinos


Unlike the online gambling industry which has tons of information on the Internet, land based casino information is limited. Despite this, prides itself on having an experienced team of gambling experts who conduct detailed research to compile a list of most land based casinos on the globe. The crucial element in a land-based casino is the atmosphere. Players need to be provided with an ample atmosphere versed with a broad array of games, impressive promotions and also need to feel secure amidst the adrenaline rush and excitement of winning or reasonably losing money.

A Brief History of Land-Based Casinos

It is believed that gambling has been around through the human history from the time of ancient Romans and Greeks. Ancient people played the games of throwing dices in enclosed places and staked real money on the outcome. Due to the entertaining nature and the sense of risk associated with gambling, it became prominent in the post-Tudor Europe and the first structure which would be described as a land-based casino was established in Venice, Italy somewhere around 1638.  However, the casino was closed after 32 years amid claims from people that its primary purpose was to deplete the riches of local elites slowly.

After this initial rumbling spawned a robust industry that has significantly become bigger and better. Many attribute its fast growth to the migration of the old world to America as new gaming venues started popping up every settlement in the 18th, 19th and 20th century. It is after this that gambling became what it is right now; a worldwide network which has become the love of many.

Currently, land based casinos are luxurious with impressive interior designs, comfortable gaming conditions, and excellent service delivery. At, we go through an exhaustive process of looking into most land based casinos around the world and compile a comprehensive list of the most attractive places you can play at for real money. We bring you in-depth reviews of some of the best land-based casinos around the globe providing you with a chance to choose a casino that resonates well with your particular needs.

Users who visit our site will get a comprehensive list of all casinos in the world and will have the chance to select their casino of choice by continent, city or by directly clicking on its photo.

Casino Games

Modern land-based casinos are the favorite pastime for many gamblers. Many people spend their precious time enjoying the games offered by a particular casino. The players are taken care of by the dealers while they enjoy the vast variety of games provided. Games offered in land based casinos include Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, Poker, Card Games and several others.

While playing in land based casino games, the players can win humongous sums of money. Every land based casino has mathematically formulated odds which are usually to the advantage of the player. The advantage is known as “house hedge,” and its prominence depends on how difficult the game is.


Security plays a pivotal role in land based casinos as a lot of cash is handled daily. The first safety measure that is of vital importance is the location. A good casino should be located in an open area that is not prone to regular theft cases. Many people like to carry cash while going to land based casinos and thus erecting a casino in a secure location can go a long way to ensuring that players feel safe while going to or from the casino.

Land based casinos also trust on its employees to keep their eyes on the gamblers during games. There are also the so-called patrons who are enshrined with the role of ensuring that the casino is operating safely and smoothly.  However, dealers take the deepest heat as they have to stay focused on both the players and the game. They are highly trained to put total concentration on the game and still check whether the player’s behavior is wanting. There are also pit bosses and managers who watch over the dealers and the players as well.

A majority of land based casinos also utilize modern state-of-the-art technologies to prevent casino crimes. The most advanced security system being used in many casinos is known as the eye in the sky. It is made up of many small cameras placed on the casinos ceiling. The system monitors player and dealers from all angles and provides casino security staff with a live and detailed view of what is happening at all times. Due to its perfect placement and clarity, the eye in the sky can detect any slight dishonesty or misbehavior.

Besides the security systems and professional staff security role, there are also unwritten rules and casino etiquettes that every player must understand and follow if they want to be on the safe side.

Land Casino Banking Options

Banking methods in a casino should be robust and should guarantee the safety of the player and that of the casino at large. There are three most widely used methods of buying chips in a land based casino. They include cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

The easiest methods of banking in a casino when buying chips or placing bets, is using cash. Many people opt for this approach since it is straight forward and fast. Credit cards can also be used, especially when you want to withdraw or transfer large sums of money through an overdraft. You just need to submit your card to the casino and transfer the intended amount. Debit cards are also accepted in land based casinos. Paying with a debit card follows the same procedure as that of credit cards, only that when it comes to debit cards, you are only allowed to withdraw or transfer the exact amount of money that is in your account as maximum.